Engineering and Construction Support

HAZMED civil engineering and construction management services assist our clients in a wide variety of projects: gymnasium renovation, airfield paving, landfill leachate collection, underground storage tank removal, medical/dental clinic site preparation, barracks upgrade, and erosion control.

Services include:

  • Development of Functional Requirements and Project Plans
  • Review of Construction Plans and Proposals
  • Field Construction Inspection
  • Technical Document Quality Control Review
  • Information Management


Facility Re-building at Rock Island Arsenal
Greenway Masterplan

Facility Re-building at Rock Island Arsenal
US Army Corps of Engineers
HAZMED project engineering at the Rock Island Arsenal re-built facilities to convert shops into modern office space and renovated a hydroelectric generating station (mechanical and electrical issues) to automate the facility and increase total output. For these projects we reviewed contractor submittals, inspected buildings, monitored construction, resolved deficiencies, reviewed work in progress for safety, negotiated support for contract modifications and change orders (including disputes), and coordinated closely with the Corps of Engineers and contractor project personnel.

Greenway Masterplan
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
We assisted the Corps of Engineers and the City of Kansas City in seeking proposals for the preparation of a Greenway Masterplan for the Blue River Corridor. Our technical planning engineers developed a detailed Greenway Corridor Masterplan and suggested project priorities, financing options, and institutional arrangements to make the project succeed.