Homeland Security

Since the September 11 attacks, the United States has reorganized several government agencies to prevent terrorist attacks within its borders and to reduce our overall vulnerability to terrorism. Government agencies and industry partners turn to HAZMED for critical services in their mission to safeguard our nation and its people. Our services identify and comprehend threats to our homeland, assess vulnerabilities, determine potential impacts, develop solutions, and disseminate timely information to security partners. We understand that key to homeland security is a focus on not only awareness but also prevention, protection, response, and recovery in national disasters.

HAZMED engineering, technical, and program management experts provide comprehensive border enforcement and management solutions, develop and deploy systems nationally, conduct counter-terrorism, and complete comprehensive access control design and construction to help clients achieve their security missions and goals.

Our services assist clients in Homeland Security core areas:

Border and Transportation Security
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Information Sharing and Intelligence
Emergency Preparedness and Response
Law Enforcement
Public Safety Communications