Systems Design and Development

We are “technologically independent” — we select products, services, and solutions that best fit a client’s unique challenges and requirements

Our services:

• Business Requirements and Technology Assessments
• Network Design and Performance Monitoring
• Systems Acceptance, Installation and Deployment
• Web Site Design and Development


Site Conceptual Exposure Model (SCEM) Builder
Electronic Records and Document Management System

Site Conceptual Exposure Model (SCEM) Builder
U.S. Department of Energy
HAZMED engineered, designed, developed, and implemented the SCEM Builder, a user-friendly expert modeling system that supports remedial investigation/feasibility studies with a conceptual demonstration of potential exposure to hazardous or radiological contaminants at a site based on the source of contamination, the release mechanism, the exposure pathway, and the receptor. This accomplishment made HAZMED a semi-finalist for the Government Infrastructure Improvement Award.

Electronic Records and Document Management System
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
HAZMED developed an enterprise-wide electronic document and records management system using HP TRIM Context as the front-end application. We install TRIM Context client software, upgrade current user licenses, train new users and system administrators, configure and install servers at FEMA regional facilities, and integrate the new servers into their LAN and WAN backbones.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Oakland Operations
HAZMED developed and implemented a new interactive, web-based tool for a joint DOE-Department of the Army effort to manage and track data necessary to record all aspects of the Fed-to-Fed property transfer process. Our technicians reviewed existing site architecture, designed and performed a needs assessment for the new site, and developed a new site version to facilitate site closures and land transfers.